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Camp Good News


Camp Good News 2022 Information

Dates - August 1-5

Time - 10am - 3pm 

Location - Northwoods Christian Camp  *  906-647-6101

Bus Pick up/Drop off locations and times - 

     Calvary Baptist Church - 9am - 4pm

     9 Mile Road - 9:15am - 3:45pm

     Mid-Point Marathon (17 Mile Road) - 9:30 - 3:30

     Pickford Methodist Church - 9:40 - 3:20

The Bible Lesson and Missionary Story information below is given so you will know what is happening each day. 

It will help you when talking with your 

child about their day at camp. 

Bible Lesson Theme -

Be Faithful - The Life of Joseph -

An Egyptian Adventure

Missionary Story-The life of Jo Shetler 

Missionary to the Philippines.

Missionary Offering - Each day we will take an offering to help CEF workers print tracts in their language that will be handed out to children in the Philippines.  The offering will be weighed at the end of the day as part of our team contest.  Pennies, and other change is great to bring. It all adds up!  I will mention to the children that it would be good for them to try to earn some money for the offering by doing extra chores or projects at home so that they don't just ask parents for money to bring, but bring something that they can give.

Swimming - We will plan to swim on Friday, weather permitting.  If we do not swim on Friday, we will have water games for everyone.  We usually have one half of the campers swim and the other half play water games on the lawn for 1/2 the time, and then they switch.   Please have your child's name on everything in case they forget something at camp.  They will not need their swim stuff/water game clothes until Friday.  Please send your child with a modest swimsuit (no two piece suits for girls) or an extra swim shirt.  We will have water toys.  We will have water games as well.

I am planning on sending a letter home on Wednesday to let you know if we will swim at all, and if so, if it will be on Friday or Thursday, due to bad weather on Friday.  UPDATE 7-20-22 - There has been another problem with the water level this year so it looks like we may not be able to swim this year.  I believe we will be able to canoe, though.  During the week of camp, I will be sure to let you know if we will be able to swim on Friday.


Contact info during camp - 

Northwoods Christian Camp, Jonathon & Mary Oliphant - 906-647-6101 landline

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Daniel Hamel -906-440-6480 cell (Service is spotty at camp.  You can also send me a text if needed.  Feel free to contact me in the evenings as I will be back in the Soo.)

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